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About Andy Sommer

Certified Registered Denturist 


For two generations the Sommer family has been associated with innovation, unsurpassed skill and outstanding service in the dental laboratory business.  Andy begun his career at the age of seventeen and has developed this family legacy for decades.  Andy’s journey has allowed him to not only acquire the knowledge, experience and skill required to be a true world class laboratory technician but also has provided an insight about what is really important to the Doctors he works with.

It is very exciting news that Andy Sommer RDT DD LVIF is opening his new world class and state of the art dental laboratory situated in Ontario Canada,  Microdent Studio.  Andy’s knowledge base and experience is both vast and diverse allowing him to integrate the numerous technologies utilized chairside to help deliver outstanding restorations and help achieve fantastic clinical results.  Andy has learned that, what many Clinicians really want and need from their Lab partner is the ability to communicate, innovate and problem solve without sacrificing superb service and value.  Andy is ready to deliver on the promise to meet these desires.

The training and experience that have helped hone Andy’s skills, include curriculums from The Las Vegas Institute for advanced dentistry, Kois institute, ILAPEO in Brazil, Ivoclar, Dentsply to name a few.  Two examples of unique experiences are the participation in a numerous full mouth rehabilitations at LVI as well as actually assisting chairside for full arch surgery in Brazil while attending ILAPEO. These experiences offered a unique perspective and learning opportunity that few lab technicians can appreciate.  In addition to these unique educational experiences Andy has participated in numerous other fabulous educational programs as both student and teacher.  

The integration of CAD CAM and multiple scanning platforms ranging from basic restorative dentistry to comprehensive preoperative full arch guided case planning are particular proficiencies that Andy can bring to your practice.  In this climate of high patient demand, creating a team of superbly qualified and competent individuals has never been more important, allow this world class lab to do what they do best, help make your dentistry more than you dreamed possible.

Call Andy at  416-464-4381 or email:

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