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Guided Implant Surgery

What is Guided Implant Surgery

Guided dental implant surgery is when the dentist utilizes advanced machinery and imaging technology to “guide” or aid them to manufacture and place dental implants more efficiently, precisely and accurately.


Computer guided implant surgery is significantly quicker, oftentimes resulting in the patient getting his or her new teeth on a single dental office visit. This new and improved dental implant surgery allows the dentist to have a more complete picture of the patient’s mouth and accurately produce the most appropriate dental implants. 


These steps that use to require many dental office visits can now be performed on the same day, concluding with the surgery. In one day, a patient can have new teeth and a renewed smile.


The technology commonly used in computer-guided dental implant surgery include: 3D imaging, computerized topography (CT) scans, CAD and CAM computer imaging and digital x-rays.


The general process of guided implant surgery is as follows:


  • ACT scan of the patient is taken and the dentist and his or her assistant come up with an individualized surgery treatment plan unique to that patient. The dentist then utilized advanced computer technology to place the implant.


  • The dentist then uses 3D imaging technology and CAD digital design software to fabricate models of the crowns to be placed. The dental lab receives the models and digitally designs the restorations, using CAM software. The dentist then places the new crowns on the implants.


  • Finally, digital x-rays are taken to ensure proper placement and dimensions of the implants and crowns. Computer-guided dental implant surgery is one of the many advances in the dental industry that  makes for more effective treatment and more enjoyable patient experience.


If your dental office isn’t currently offering guided implant surgery to patients, you should. If you offer guided implant surgery Microdent Studio has the most current software and machines to enhance the quality of your guided implant surgery procedures even more.


Contact us today to speak to one of our dental lab representative to learn more about guided implant surgery and its technology so you can give your patients the best care possible and provide them with a pleasant dental experience.

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