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Removable Restorations

One-Day Standard Denture Repair

With local drivers in your area every day, we are proud to offer one-day denture repair services to your practice! 


We support our local dentists in enriching the lives of patients by providing beautiful, healthy smiles.

Our one-day denture repairs can get patients

functioning again in no time.


Please call 416-464-4381 to schedule your repair or reline today! 

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Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are a viable option for patients that are not candidates for implant-based alternatives. Featuring high-performance materials and a range of denture teeth options, complete dentures offer a functional alternative that is both esthetic and durable.

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Partial Dentures

With Partial Dentures, you can count on a lightweight framework and beautiful esthetics. Made with flexible material and a 100% metal-free design, this product allows for improved patient satisfaction, comfort, and easy chairside adjustments.



Valplast® Flexible Partial Denture

With exceptional strength, many partially edentulous patients find the Valplast Flexible Partial to be a comfortable option. This tissue colored flexible framework offers superior esthetics over visible metal clasps. The results of this flexible partial are beautiful, and patient satisfaction is high.


Duraflex Flexible Partial Denture

Duraflex Partial Dentures are easy to adjust and also easy to polish. DuraFlex flexible partials are thin, transparent, and resistant to water absorption, making them less likely to absorb stains or odors.


Stay Plate

A Stay Plate is a temporary partial denture used while the gums and supporting bone are healing after an extraction, and before getting a partial denture.

A Stay Plate will replace the missing tooth or teeth, and can assist with chewing and/or speaking until the partial denture is delivered.

Microdent-Wironium Cast Partial Dentures

Wironium Cast Partial (Rigid) Dentures

Wironium Partial Dentures are a premium, strong, cast metal partial. Wironium is similar to a Type III Gold and is a high heat Cr-Co system (Nickel and Beryllium free) whose added Nitrogen formula allows for lighter-weight framework that withstands chairside adjustments.


Vitallium Cast Partial (Rigid) Denture

Vitallium Partial Denture alloys are an alternative to Wironium.

This Chrome-Cobalt alloy (Nickel and Beryllium free), presents a strong partial framework that withstands chairside adjustments.

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